3D printed surfboard fins commercially available now

Link to NZ Herald article:  Designer on board with 3D

From 2D sketch to 3D printed product selling in two months, this is a story of success!roy sturat 3d printed fin

Photo / Alan Gibson

For many years Roy Stuart has been handcrafting surfboards and fins with the more complex  fin designs taking 38 labor hours, finished products are highly tuned, functional works of art:

roy stuart fin in progressRoy Stuart fin in progress 2

Roy contacted Palmer Design & Manufacturing to see if we could get the designs in his head into the CAD world for machining or 3D printing, hopefully freeing up time for more creativity while making  his designs more available with more options.

Below you can see the drawings we were supplied, CAD model construction using the sketch and final model:

fin progress

Roy contacted us in October 2013, two months later the first 3D printed fin sold on December 14th (Possibly the first commercially available 3D printed surfboard fins in the world)

Below the internal structure of the polycarbonate fin can be seen (why polycarbonate? click here). Solid areas look clear,  Internal part design is an area we focus on heavily at PDM, creating structures that provide high strength to weight ratios:

3D printed surfboard fin blue

This product is available for purchase here:  Roy Stuart site

Below, a fin being tested at PDM before dispatch.  (every fin is tested)

3D print fin being tested


Four fins ready for shipment:

4 fins

An idea is just an idea until it is doing something useful,  can we help make your ideas real?


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