PDM gets it’s sea legs

It seems lately we have been working on a number of projects relating to to the sea and I thought we would share a few in this update.

  1. Lures
  2. Bite sensor
  3. Surfboard fins (see last article)



Recently Aotealures approached us to see if we could help them with molding their top-notch lures by making a CAD model of a lure that could be used in a number of ways, including making a mold-tool.

Below is the part provided and re-construction in progress to bring this fish into the CAD world.

lure model CAD work

Here at PDM we have worked on many things but never fish lips, now we can finally cross that one off the list:

lure CAD model


 Bite sensor.

We have been producing a little enclosure that holds a bite sensor, battery and bluetooth module that communicates to your smart phone when a fish bites:


bite sensor 3d printed assembly picture

The case is 3D printed in transparent polycarbonate so the bite light will show through. Printed parts needed to be robust, splash proof (when clipped together) and very flexible so it can be clipped onto a wide range of fishing rods. We were able to meet all these requirements with our design and 3D printing service.

For more information see: http://www.smartbitelight.co.nz/



If we can help you please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

Andrew Palmer – Director of Palmer Design & Manufacturing Ltd





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