NZ made industrial 3D printer – update

large 3D printer industrial

This is the 2nd of our NZ made industrial 3D printers.  Standing at 2M tall (6.5 foot) this is probably NZ’s largest heated chamber 3D printer. 

Our Version 1 printer has been flat-out printing for 2 years, producing and incredible amount of work for New Zealand companies.

Version 2 features:

  • Vacuum bed
  • 1kw heated bed
  • 5kw heated chamber,
  • Heated material bay keeps filament conditioned for better quality prints and part strength.
  • Auto filament feeding
  • Auto filament change over.
  • Leadscrews used on all axis for high accuracy at speed.
  • 2x faster than our current printers.
  • Vertical opening door for ease of use and economic floor space usage

What does all this do for our customers?

  • Large parts can be made in one piece for better accuracy and fitment
  • The heated build chamber is a ground up design that keeps temperatures very even, basically eliminating distortion and increasing part strength.
  • Polycarbonate parts produced on this machine are very good, offering in many cases a plastic alternative to metal.
  • Large parts are generally lower cost than SLS from shapways (for example), so this is a competitive service right here in NZ! (With automated quoting / ordering) see here


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