Robust rubber like parts now available

3d Printed rubber part

Today we are going to look a a rubber like material we are offering for production of end-use parts and prototypes.  It’s is a type of Flexibel PolyEster (FPE) , the great advantage of this material is it’s robustness when compared to materials available from multi-jet printers where the tear strength is not great.  It is a real engineering material with good resistance to heat & water while you don’t find these properties in the multi-jet materials (Yet).

See below video for a demonstration of the material:

We had to overcome a number of issues to produce parts with this type of geometry, the main one being these materials tend to stick to everything very well, so removing support material was a big issue. We have overcome this by using a special support material in our twin nozzle printers,  we print these materials in our industrial heated chamber machines that results in a nice flat part.

Andrew Palmer
Palmer Design & Manufacturing Ltd

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