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Massive 3D prints

3D Printed UFO!

Presenting our 3D Printed UFO! With any large 3D print project made from multiple parts that must fit together seamlessly, the fitment trial can be

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huge 3d print

500kgs of ASA!

At the of last year we undertook our biggest print project ever, 500kgs of ASA material to print two models commissioned by the Auckland Art

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Vacuum Casting

Vacuum casting is excellent for low volume manufacturing. This production run of parts were cast in standard Polyurethane. Any Pantone colour toner can be added

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Snow Pea Shooter

A Snow Pea shooter from Plants vs Zombies. Printed in our SLA – tough ABS and FDM Polycarbonate in my favourite fluorescent green. We have

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Pelton Wheel

A Pelton Wheel model printed in SLA format using our Grey Pro material – 100 microns print. This sturdy material is great for functional prototyping

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It is often that we have a Gear to print – either as a trial or replacement machinery part. We can print prototype intricate gears

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example of tough SLA resin print - cog

Did you know….

Did you know that we have commercially available SLA printing in-house?  It’s worth mentioning as I have noticed one prominent 3D printing company in New

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