Box Lid Closer

BRIEF The brief for this custom machine project was deceptively simple: close the lid of a box. However, the devil was in the details as per usual. All sides of this particular box had to be squashed inwards from the natural resting state in order for the lid to shut and hold reliably. The project […]

Cycle Testing Machine

BRIEF Halter, a fast paced start-up based in Auckland, approached us asking for a custom accelerated life testing machine for their digital cow collars. The machine had to perform 1 cycle per second on 10 collars at once, resulting in a peak loading of around 200kg. The cycle involved both a twisting component (x) and […]

Filament Feeder

BRIEF As a part of the development of our own industrial 3D printer, we required a filament feeder that could keep a constant upward pressure on the filament entering the tube to reduce strain on the printhead motor. In addition to this, we wanted continuous filament monitoring, run-out detection, and the ability to load 2 […]