NZ made industrial 3D printer – update

Big 3D print industrial pipe

This is the 2nd of our NZ made industrial 3D printers.  Standing at 2M tall (6.5 foot) this is probably NZ’s largest heated chamber 3D printer.  Our Version 1 printer has been flat-out printing for 2 years, producing and incredible amount of work for New Zealand companies. Version 2 features: Vacuum bed 1kw heated bed […]

Industrial 3D printer designed & built in NZ

NZ designed & built 3D printer

Really happy to announce something we have been working on for two (plus) years, The first NZ designed and built commercial grade 3D printer. We designed this machine from ground up with every aspect receiving careful attention. This was a big undertaking for our CAD design team, I guess we should not be surprised about […]

3D printing living hinges

It’s been a little while since our last update after our move to a new premises in the Tauriko Industrial Estate (Tauranga), so many things happening but let’s start with a polypropylene like material available now via our recently purchased multi-jet machine (Object 30pro) The below video shows a “living hing” example print on our machine in a […]

Did you know….

example of tough SLA resin print - cog

Did you know that we have commercially available SLA printing in-house?  It’s worth mentioning as I have noticed one prominent 3D printing company in New Zealand stating on their web site they have “the only commercially available SLA machines”…  this is not true, we are SLA printing almost everyday right here in Tauranga NZ with […]

We have moved

Our business has grown along with the addition of personnel and machinery so we have relocated to a larger premises in the heart of the new industrial estate at Tauriko Tauranga.  Please note our new address: 5/98 Taurikura Dr, Tauriko, Tauranga.  

New SLA services and materials


For sometime we have been offering an SLA printing service with white material, we have now added to our in-house capabilities with new SLA materials including Clear, Black, Gray,  Robust  semi-flexible and Cast-able resin for the investment casting industry.  (yeah, so just a few additions!)  Also these materials we have in-stock and ready to go. SLA printing is […]

Turning plastic into metal


Recently we have got more involved with producing plastic parts that will be used for investment casting in various metal from Aluminium to Titanium.  You may ask why do this when metal parts can be 3D printed directly?  The answer is somewhat layered,  Metal 3D printing is just the best thing for some applications but […]

Think big, print big

What happens when customers ask us to make parts that are bigger than our printers are? We do it anyway.  There are some advantages in breaking up big parts into smaller pieces and joining them together, you may be surprised to know the main advantages are often speed and cost. Take the below example of […]

FDM 3D printing – Real life cost and material advantages

Out of the main 3D printing methods FDM (Fused deposition modeling) is sometimes seen as the printing technology for the hobbyist.  (Endless prints of plastic rabbits and vases flooding the web don’t help this image!) The reality is however that all the different types of 3D printing have advantages and disadvantages and there is no perfect method […]

Robust rubber like parts now available

Today we are going to look a a rubber like material we are offering for production of end-use parts and prototypes.  It’s is a type of Flexibel PolyEster (FPE) , the great advantage of this material is it’s robustness when compared to materials available from multi-jet printers where the tear strength is not great.  It […]

This is the machine of the future

Not because of what it is but how it was made! Recently we custom designed and constructed two semi automatic machines destined for production lines in China,  yes that’s right we are exporting machines to China from NZ! The machines we recently built have virtually no machined components (excluding those that are “off the shelf” […]